Extend your nitrogen efficiency

Extend your UAN by adding eNhance™

ENhance is a sulfur-based additive for UAN solutions designed to enhance the uptake and efficiency of applied nitrogen. When mixed with UAN*, total nitrogen applications can be reduced by 20%.

$38.64 greater return on nitrogen dollarsAverage of 47 trials, 2001-2021

AgroLiquid has years of research to back performance in both corn and wheat. Multiple trials have shown the addition of eNhance with an 80% N use rate will provide similar yield response as UAN alone at 100% N use rate.


$11.70 greater return on nitrogen dollars using UAN + eNhanceAverage of 20 trials, 2004-2019

In addition to yield performance, the return on nitrogen dollar invested is greater with UAN + eNhance compared to UAN alone.

*Mix rate of 2 gal/ton of 28% UAN or 2.25 gal/ton of 32% UAN

Deliver Consistent Nitrogen

ENhance builds off of the Flavonol Polymer Technology we use to deliver a consistent macronutrient supply. The plant-based polymer chain allows the nutrients to be slowly released alongside nitrogen fertilizers, creating the perfect recipe for the highest level of nitrogen utilization.

ENhance is designed to be used with other nitrogen fertilizers. To make this as easy as possible, we made it simple to apply and combine with other fertilizers. Apply eNhance at the same time you apply your primary nitrogen fertilizer, and watch your crops thrive.

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Zelinko