In-Furrow eNhance™

Using eNhance In-Furrow – Effect on Yield and Soil Test Analysis

We’ve proven, time and again, that AgroLiquid’s eNhance in-furrow can improve yields. Research conducted at the North Central Research Station, along with in field trials across the U.S., has built a database of yield comparisons to help determine the likelihood of seeing a positive response, both agronomically and economically. Seventeen trials from multiple years and locations shows that over 94% of the time, adding eNhance to a planter fertilizer program shows a positive yield response along with an economic return of those fertilizer dollars invested. Applied at typical rate of 2 qt/A, on average a 7.7 bu/A yield increase was achieved. Having this data helps our sales team make recommendations and growers make better management decisions.

What About the Soil?

The NCRS is key to helping collect win-rate data but are able to take research one step further. An advantage of having our own research facility is we can look more in depth to the “why” behind yield response in addition toCollecting soil samples to determine the effect of eNhance on nutrient analysis and pH. answering agronomic questions to improve our product positioning and recommendations. We’ve proven, time and again, that this product can improve yields, but can eNhance, being a sulfur product, also have an effect on the surrounding soil? Can it lower the soil pH where needed? Can it actually build soil sulfur levels? Fortunately AgroLiquid has the North Central Research Station that is able to find answers to these questions.

The Research

A replicated plot experiment was conducted in 2020 in a field with a higher pH and low soil test sulfur (as is common here and elsewhere). An in-furrow fertilizer program was applied both with and without a 2 qt/A rate of eNhance.

In-furrow, 4-inch soil samples were taken over time to measure the effects of the two treatments on soil pH and sulfur levels. These were compared to samples collected from between the rows where no fertilizer was applied. And finally, at season’s end the plots were harvested for yield. Results appear in the following chart.

The research found that eNhance did not have an effect on soil pH or soil test sulfur beyond that of the in-furrow planter fertilizer. The pH of Pro-Germinator and Sure-K is in the low 6 range, and this in itself could affect the pH of the planter fertilizer zone. And lower pH can also increase soil test sulfur. The 2 qt/A rate of eNhance does not have sufficient volume to affect pH anyway, especially when the pH of eNhance is near neutral. Additionally, an increase soil test sulfur is unlikely when less than half a pound of actual sulfur is applied.

Feed the Plant

AgroLiquid has long maintained that its nutrition is for feeding the plant. Evidently the in-furrow eNhance is doing just that as the yield response was over 10 bushels per acre, a statistically significant increase! So use eNhance as a yield-building tool to provide the nutrients that are needed for top economic production. For field crops, addition of eNhance at planting and then accesS™ or CalSip™ in subsequent application is a good option for top yield (check out our research proving the effectiveness of these products).

For more information, contact:

Jerry Wilhm, PhD - Research Lead