Increase Soybean Yield With Sulfur

By Jacob Schmitt, Operations Agronomist


How important are sulfur applications to soybean yield? This is a question we hear often. In fact, we talk a lot about sulfur. Sulfur applications have become much more prominent in the past few years. In fact, it may be a nutrient we need to consider with the same level of importance as N, P and K.

Sulfur plays an extremely important role in nitrogen fixation in the soil. In a test at the North Central Research Station in 2020, the addition of sulfur from several different sources generated a positive ROI across the entire trial.

Y-Drop Sulfur Applications in Soybeans

Some of the key takeaways from this trial:

  • Adding an application of sulfur generated a positive yield response across the entire experiment
  • A Y-drop application of 2 gallons of accesS increased soybean yield by 3.7 per acre
  • A Y-drop application of CalSip at R2 increased yield 3.2 bushels per acre

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