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In 1951 Harvey Lyman and five partners formed Ag Chemicals Inc. They served growers in the Sacramento River Delta area of California. Their third warehouse and office in Walnut Grove now house the Lyman Group Farm Parts Store and maintenance shop operations. In 1954 Harvey Lyman Chemicals was established.

Harvey Lyman Chemicals and Harvey Lyman Agservice incorporated as individual companies, but worked as a team to serve an expanding grower base throughout the Delta in 1963. Then in 1977 the company completed their first acquisition, acquiring the Pezzaglia Nursery operations in Rio Vista. The acquisition helped the company move further into the liquid and dry fertilizer business.

Our brands have created a rich history of serving customers to help them maximize their potential. Going forward, from 2019 we are Grow West. Grow West is the recognition that we have to be more prepared than anyone to overcome the challenges agriculture in California can present. Which is possible when we are all unified under one name, pushing for the same outcome, to maximize grower’s profitability while minimizing our impact on the environment.

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