Starkey Farms Partnership

10132 East County Rd 700 North

Brownsburg IN 46112 US


Is a seventh generation family farm. We raise corn and soybeans (our primary cash crop), as well as wheat, hay, and beef cattle. The Starkey Farm Partnership is owned by Mike Starkey and his nephew Jeff Starkey. Mike’s son, Nick, and Jeff’s son, Zack, also work on the farm.

At the Starkey Farm, we believe in protecting and improving the God-given soil and water that we have. We do this by specializing in no-till farming practices. We do this through equipment modifications, using cover crop, and by spoon-feeding the appropriate amount of nutrients that the growing crop needs.

Mike is a past president of the Indiana Soil and Water Conservation District, and currently a supervisor for his local district.  He also is the Regional Director for the South Northwest Region in Indiana for the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD).

Starkey Farms Partnership is also a retail partner for AgroLiquid. AgroLiquid is a family-owned company that has provided products for over 30 years to help farmers prosper, while safeguarding the environment. The products assist in producing more yields with less applied fertilizer, through proven reliability and research.

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