AgroLiquid manufactures and markets a complete line of balanced fertilizer products.

Unsurpassed application flexibility and all around research  proven performance, these proprietary formulations of Macro and micronutrients, secondary elements, supplemental nutritionals, and specialty products, are truly unique to the fertilizer industry reflecting our commitment to “Responsible Nutrient Management”.

When selecting your fertilizer products don’t just look at the analysis- look at what they can do. Remember it is about Nutrients Not Numbers™.  AgroLiquid products can be effectively applied at planter time, side-dress, foliar, or through fertigation.   They have unmatched compatibility with most crop protection chemistry’s and the full range of other AgroLiquid nutrients allowing you the opportunity to respond to whatever unique situation this season throws your way.  For the best phosphorus fertilizer on the market it’s Pro-Germinator®, Sure-K® provides amazing potassium response, our nitrogen suite of products- High NRG-N™, eNhance™, and NResponse™ are unmatched in nitrogen efficiency and versatility.  microLink™ features all the necessary secondary and micronutrients your crop needs for unsurpassed yields. Can one fertilizer company promise all that?  Yep… we can.  And we back it up with research.  Our 1,000 acre North Central Research Station sets the standard for crop fertility research.

Crop Safe, Research Proven, Farmer Trusted!

To read more about the specific roles each nutrient plays in crop production check out the Nutrient Deficiency Cards on our agronomy tips page.


Pro-Germinator is the backbone of a balanced fertilizer program.

Pro-Germinator is a low-salt planting time fertilizer that is seed safe for most crops. Properly placed, Pro-Germinator will permeate the area around the seed, providing starter benefit as well as continuous, season-long phosphorus availability.

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Sure-K is one of the most effective potassium fertilizer available.

Years of replicated research across North America have proven that recommended applications of Sure-K are more efficient than much larger applications of other potassium fertilizers.

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N-Suite is advanced products for Responsible Nitrogen Management.

For most crops, excluding legumes, nitrogen management is a critical component of maximizing return on a fertilizer investment.

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Why do I need Micronutrients?

Creating an essential nutrient combination is critical in plant nutrition. An excess of one nutrient can cause reduced uptake of another. An excess of potassium, for example, may compete with desirable levels of magnesium uptake.

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fertiRain is balanced nutrition formulated specifically for foliar nutrition.

By utilizing multiple modes of action fertiRain provides a high probability of efficient nutrient translocation into the crop producing a beneficial yield.

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Fase2 is growth nutrients intended for foliar application for perennial woody crops.

This formulation stimulates growth while promoting greater fruit set and bud retention.

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