A Little Help Here…… (LAND OF LIQUID blog)

So Tuesday was busy as usual.  Only we had some extra help from our summer interns on their first day at the NCRS.  They are all from MSU and more information to follow.  But so far they are a great bunch.  And as usual, they were put right to work.  In the last post I showed our dry fertilizer spreader.  Well here is intern Alex applying some potash on some plots on Farm 7.  It does a great job of uniform application as the inset pics show.  (This picture is also for those uninformed people who question our research intent and integrity with conventional products in our plots.  Our goal is to prove performance through accurate testing of AgroLiquid against standards.  It does no good to cheat.  So there!)  And don’t worry, intern Jake will be prominently featured later.

appying potash

 Also on the farm was planting corn seed plots for the AgroExpo.  One of the pains of this operation in the past was vacuuming out the planter boxes with a shop vac and then dumping the seeds back into the seed bags.  Well after some inspiration from the Pioneer folks that planted some silage plots last year, Tim and Ron conspired to make our own quick and easy system.  And of course it changed our lives.  Now with  powerful suction the seed goes into that shop vac cone base…..

vacuuming seeds

 …and pull out the bottom door and it falls into the bag.  Then load the seed for the next plot. Interns Cami and Jenna don’t know how easy they have it compared to the old days.  But that’s progress.

seed bags

 And off goes Tim on the next plot.  Make sure you come to the AgroExpo on August 14 and 15 to see this and so much more.

putting in seeds

And of course it will change your life.  (For the better that is.)