Let the “Building” begin!

In the last blog for Carrington North Dakota we left off with the tanks installed in the new containment area of the building. The crew had put water in the bottom of the tanks for weight to hold them down so the North Dakota winds would not blow the tanks over before the building could be built. I am happy to say that Mother Nature was kind to us, this time! The first step to a new building is to have the proper design and engineering to withstand wind, snow, rain and bitter cold of the North Dakota environment. Engineering plays an important role when you have large open expanses with no support. Snow pack can become very heavy. When the building crew arrives on site they start by sorting the delivered material to make sure all the pieces are on site. Next they get a couple I-beam/columns set upright and bolted to the foundation wall. Then they bolt the open expansion roof beams together, crane them up and bolt them to the upright columns. If you look real close in the second picture below you can see  guide wires installed to help hold the top of the upright column in place.



While the first few pieces were being put in place, workers on the ground were putting larger sections of the roof together. In the picture below you can see pieces of steel that span from one roof beam to the other, they are called purlins. The pieces that span between the wall upright columns are called girts. When you have a crew on the ground building sections and a crew up in the air things go together much faster.



Now it is time for the load out area! On the end of the beams there are plates with holes, they will be matched to the adjacent beams then bolted together. This is where a good crane operator is important.



Now the end wall, which will help support the end roof beam.


It’s starting to look like a building!



  Now that all the girts and purlins are installed, it’s on to the siding. The weather an be a big factor when it comes to the installation of siding. Wind can be a big problem. Some of the sheets are 40′ long and they make a great sail, if you hold on tight. They began siding the west side first, which was a nice wind break for the south side. November is when North Dakota gets a lot of wind out of the north west, when this happens cold weather is not far behind.




While the siding was being installed the overhead door installers were next on the list to get the building closed in.


The crew was finally able to install the roof panels after a couple days of high winds.


This is where we will leave it for now. The rest is trim work, finish grading and the new Agroliquid  building sign. Stay tuned!


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