California Crop Visit Begins (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

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  • October 09, 2017

So sorry the blog has been absent for awhile.  Lots of busy-ness going on at AgroLiquid HQ.  But to get caught up…a couple weeks ago I went out to The Golden State: California.  I flew in to Sacramento late on a Sunday night.  I guess the baggage handlers had already gone home and you had to sort your own luggage from this cart.  Whew!

The next day SAM Armando picked me up and we stopped by a grower south of Sacramento in the San Joaquin valley who has been using AgroLiquid on his wine grapes.  The grapes had been picked some time ago, and did quite well. They are mostly using Sure-K through the season by drip irrigation and foliar, as potassium is limiting in these soils.

Here are some olives that also have received AgroLiquid and mostly Sure-K.

They will be harvested later this fall.  Most of the CA olives go to make olive oil.  In fact this grower said that the processor has entered oil from his olives in contests and they have done quite well as well.  So when buying olive oil, make sure it is from California.  You likely have encountered the term Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the bottle.  What’s up with that?  Well it is produced from high quality olives with no defects, and is mechanically crushed without the use of chemicals or solvents.  So it is just pure oil.  Further, it tests low in acidity (less than 0.8% oleic acid).  It also must pass a taste test.  Virgin olive oil has less than 2% acidity.  Extra Virgin olive oil is best used on food that is directly consumed like on salads.  So there.

Later that day Armando and I had a meeting with several PCA’s from one of our Retail Partners: Mid Valley Agricultural Services.  They have several locations in the valley.  I reported last spring about a meeting in the Linden location.  But we were now in Livingston.  We went over products and recommendations for different crops.  Although mainly for dairy alfalfa and silage corn.  So I was comfortable doing that.    Visit their website at:  Admittedly, you will see that they offer a number of crop nutrient sources.  But they have shown good growth in AgroLiquid in the past year and we hope to make it the first option for Valley growers in the future.

So there is plenty more to report on my trip to CA that will be in the Land of Liquid in days to come.

 (FYI: California PCA’s are Agricultural Pest Control Advisers.  This is a certification that must be attained by agriculturists to make pesticide recommendations.  It happens that PCA’s are also the one’s making fertilizer recommendations, as well as numerous other recommended practices.   So that leaves me out of officially making pest control recommendations.  But it was good to go over the AgroLiquid programs.)

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