Research 2017

Research Supports Future Growth is a series of videos highlighting crop nutrient research conducted by the North Central Research Station.

In the week 4 Research Supports Future Growth, Field Agronomy Research Manager, Stephanie Zelinko discusses long term fertility programs in corn and soybeans.

In this week’s Research Supports Future Growth, Dr. Jerry Wilhm discusses how a complete cotton crop nutrition program that enables extended nutrient feeding and will help realize better boll set and yield.

Field Agronomy Research Manager Tim Duckert discusses foliar applications on sugarbeets.

Field Agronomy Research Manager, Stephanie Zelinko, discusses C-TECH, an easy-to-use, precision solution designed to supply season-long nutrition while creating a biologically-active soil.
C-TECH is specially-formulated with specific microbes and BioActivites, combined with plant nutrients to help better hold nutrients in poor soil types, release nutrients within soil solution, promote biological activity and help increase overall plant health.

Shelton & Sons Farms

“Our absolute priority is growing the best quality tomato possible…

and we can do that with this fertilizer.” Shelton & Sons Farms recently changed their nutrient management strategy, and are pleased with the results. “We’ve seen a 20% yield increase on our first pick.” Wayne & Tim found they can focus more attention on scouting and disease prevention, and less on spotting nutrient deficiencies. “The bottom line is it saves me time and makes me money.” Watch…

AgroLiquid Legacy

Founded by father and son-in-law team, Douglas Cook and Troy Bancroft, in 1983, AgroLiquid remains a family business both in its ownership and direction to this day. Troy Bancroft is now joined in corporate leadership by his three sons; Nick, Albert, and Gerrit. All three have been involved with the company from a young age. Having performed a variety of jobs over the years, they’re on the track to becoming well-rounded leaders, following in the footsteps of both their father and grandfather. More importantly, they share a commitment to the innovative business practices and product lines that will make that future possible.

NCRS Harvest Re-Cap

In the newest, installment of video from the North Central Research Station, Dr. Jerry Wilhm provides a comprehensive harvest re-cap, giving a glimpse into the harvest process that make AgroLiquid plot work possible.

Dr. Brian Levene also makes an appearance. Brian addresses grower questions from George McDonald of Catesa Farms in Riddleton, TN. Catesa Farms is a producer of high quality plasticulture strawberries and George is looking for the best step-by-step fertility program to bring sweet, firm berries with a good shelf life to market.

The IQhub at AgroLiquid on WLNS

The IQhub at AgroLiquid is a 9,500 square-foot center for agricultural history, innovation and exploration. Featuring 23 museum-quality exhibits, the center is designed to help connect both young and young at heart with the farms that produce their food. During the Summer 2014 Grand Opening, Lansing, Michigan TV station WLNS visited the IQhub to interview AgroLiquid CEO Troy Bancroft and Outreach and Education Manager Burt Henry about the center.

Bancroft is a passionate supporter of the agriculture industry, and an outspoken advocate for innovation and sustainability in agriculture. The center aims to improve consumer-farmer relations. Henry comes to the IQhub after almost three decades experience as an agriculture teacher at Alma High School in Alma, Michigan.

NCRS Progress Series: Episode 2

The North Central Research Station (NCRS) is the country’s largest plant nutrition research facility. Covering more than 750 tillable acres outside St. Johns, Michigan, the NCRS is dedicated to finding efficient solutions to the nutrient problems facing today’s modern producers.