LAND OF LIQUID: Drone Correction

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  • May 04, 2017

So I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s blog about the wheat field.  But early this morning I got a message from Stephanie saying that the NCRS drone flew at 260 feet while taking the pictures, not 500 feet as reported.  (I have since made the correction.)  Legal maximum altitude is 400 feet.  She said she didn’t want the “drone police” coming after her.  I don’t blame her.  They can be pretty rough.  I regert the mistake, probably the first and only one ever in the blog.

Later that same day, Adam from Marketing went out with the Marketing drone and took some pictures.  Pretty impressive.  His camera takes a real view picture, unlike the RGB image with the NCRS drone.  I’ll have to study on what RGB does (something to do with crop stress maybe), but I do like the real view.  Not sure if we have one for the NCRS drone.  You can also see where the drainage tile lines are.  They have been getting a workout.

We will keep an eye on the field as I would expect the urea part to green up sometime.  But the AgroLiquid has a pretty good head start.

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