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Commercial Tomatoes

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The Effect of Liquid and Conventional Fertigation Treatments on Commercial Tomato Production Researchers compare liquid and conventional fertigation treatments for impact on yields of ‘Roma’ and ‘Beefsteak’ tomatoes. Customized products…

In-Season Fertility on Rural America Live

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Last Monday, April 28, Dr. Jerry Wilhm and Senior Sales Manager Galynn Beer, took the stage at RFD-TV’s Rural America Live to talk about in-season fertility. The duo tackled topics ranging from late-season planting after a cold winter to enhanced efficiency fertilizers to better ways to deal with crop residue, and everything in between.

Whether you missed the segment when it aired live or just want to refer back to questions and answers that piqued your interest, you can view the show in its entirety above.

Soil Fertility and Success

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An important part of evaluating your fertility program is to identify existing problems or limiting factors that are restricting yields and make plans to correct them. An annual review is essential. What worked one year might not work the next year. Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers can subscribe a growing program that is right for your farm.

Soil Testing

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Maintaining a healthy balanced soil requires consistent effort and advanced planning. This is the best way to determine how much nutrition is available to feed your crops from planting to harvest. Create a custom fertility program that pushes your yield to the max. Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers has a variety of products to help you maintain a healthy balanced soil.

Effectiveness of Side-dressing

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Side-dress is a great time to apply the potassium and micronutrients that your crop may be missing. If you didn’t get potash applied last fall, maybe the weather changed your fertilizer strategies, or you aren’t set up to apply liquid on your planter and want to balance your fertilizer program with needed micronutrients. Maybe you want to push this season’s crop to a higher level of yield potential. AgroLiquid’s Sure-K and microLink products allow you to nutritionally balance your side-dress nitrogen application efficiently and economically.