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  • February 10, 2018

So with spring rapidly approaching, there was an opportunity for Retail Partners to get the latest and up-to-datest info from AgroLiquid at the Dallas Summit last week.  It was in Dallas.  It was nice that the tall building across from our hotel acknowledged our presence by lighting up in Agro Green.

 CEO Troy kicked it off with the opening address covering all of the tools available to our Retail Partners to enable offerings of AgroLiquid to deserving growers this spring.

 There were a number of separate break-out presentations for in-depth discussion of specific topics.  Like this one from Zouheir on soil microbiology and the effects of PrimAgro on soil health.  Very enlightening.

Back in the big room, Stephanie discussed the library of product slides and support information available to better present info to growers.

 Ashley from Sales appears pleased at a presentation while Regional Sales Manager Brian takes detailed notes.

In order to stay mentally fresh, we went out to a place for some outdoor activities.  Here we see Agronomist Reid blast a flying clay.  But in his mind it was a bag of 11-52-0.

 Kathryn from Marketing gets in on the action.  Not sure who she is imagining at the end of the barrel.  Did I say “who”?  I meant “what”.

 One thing we do at Agro events is eat well.  And we did here too.  I mean you get hungry pulling the trigger.

And everyone will be pulling the trigger on sales of AgroLiquid plant nutrition.  Why use anything else?  Anything else will make the plants frown.

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