Agronomic Sciences Planning

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  • January 31, 2018

So even though it’s January, it’s never too early to review and plan for the upcoming year.  Last week we had our winter Agronomic Science meeting at the St. Johns office.  Agronomic Science is the technical arm of AgroLiquid, consisting of Research and Agronomy.  At the meeting we enjoyed the support from our chemist and Senior Sales manager as we took a final review of 2017 and started thinking about 2018.  There are a variety of new experimental test products for evaluation, plus the product support tests that will be conducted at the NCRS and elsewhere.  And plenty of crop demonstrations at the AgroExpo in August.

At this in-depth juncture, we see (from left end) Galynn, Stephanie, Reid, Chris, Jeff, Zouheir, John, Dan, Jay, Tim and Nick.  With this amount of brainpower, how could there be any problem that would not be solved?  Well we weren’t quite running on full power as Agronomist JW didn’t make it due to a blizzard somewhere.  (I made him show me a note from his meteorologist.)  I hope you have a chance to visit the NCRS or other field test going on in 2018.

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