Farming Progress South to North (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

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  • March 30, 2018

So listening to Ag PhD radio and talking to AgroLiquid folks around the country, it is hard to imagine there are things up and growing while we are still cold and wet here in Michigan.  This picture was sent to me  from Regional Sales Manager Brian.  This week he was about as far South as you can go in Texas without falling into the Rio Grande. Or be in the shadow of a future wall(?).  But it was South of McAllen.  I had never seen this crop before.  Any guesses?  It’s a field of cilantro.  Well I had no idea what it looked like, but I do like it as a flavoring on food.  And this should be extra cilantro-y since it is being grown with AgroLiquid.

I’m sure you noticed the cracks in the soil.  It is dry, but not all soil has cracks like that.  I am guessing that is a soil of Vertisol soil order that is common in that area of South Texas.  It is high in montmorillonite clay that expands and shrinks based on moisture content, and can have big cracks like we see there when dry.  Good thing he uses AgroLiquid to give the roots enough push to grow well in that condition.

On the other hand there is nothing growing in the ground up here today.  In fact, this field is next to the AgroLiquid World Headquarters and is being rented and farmed by the NCRS crew.  So we wait.  But at least the snow is gone.

Not sure when cilantro harvest is.  I will have Brian give me an update.  But it is fun to see crops grown all over the country and have something in common: AgroLiquid nutrition.

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