How Far We’ve Come (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

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  • April 11, 2018

So back in May of 2010 I got in my head a desire to share some the happening things going on at the North Central Research Station, and decided to start a blog.  In the beginning it was called Live From the NCRS and mainly featured research plot establishment and crop development, giving  proof of performance for AgroLiquid’s crop nutrition.  But after a while, it expanded to include AgroLiquid use in growing healthy crops all across this great land which we call the Land of Liquid.  It also includes features like Retail Partners, growers, different crops, scenery, landmarks, and probably lots of other stuff as well.

I never imagined that it would someday reach episode #700, but here we are.  And fortunately my contract has been renewed for many more to follow.  So keep reading and tell your friends.  That’s the blog that keeps on giving the whole year!

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