Just a Few More Pics from CA Last Month (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

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  • April 09, 2018

So I’ve been showing quite a few pics from my trip to CA in March, and here it is April already.  But bear with me for a couple more, as they are worth it.  So who doesn’t like raisins?  Well they are grown on grape vines, but they are usually picked after they have dried down some.  Some raisin growers construct an apparatus like this to have the vines grow over the space between two rows.  That way the vines hang down making it easier for the pickers to grab the dried bunches.  Cool idea, right?

 But there are no vines on the next space between the next rows over.  Well new vines will grow over the wires this year to be the vines for the 2019 crop.  They will be trained by the vineyard workers.  This was where the 2017 crop was, so they alternate.  Farmers are so innovative.

So what happens to old vineyards?  Well a lot of them become almond orchards as I’ve shown.  Always something growing here in California.

 Well what on earth is going on here?  Putting trees in storage?  Covering them for nearby painting?  Protection from sunburn?  Wrong on all guesses.  Now when you eat a Mandarin orange, you don’t want to bite into a seed, right?  Well this particular variety is covered to prevent bees from pollinating the flowers with pollen that could produce seeds.  But most growers now have varieties that don’t produce seeds.  And NO, these are not GMO plants, as some people without anything better to do have said.  They were naturally bred to be that way.  But covering these must be a lot of work.  But Mandarins are so good it’s worth it!

So as I often say in conclusion,  that was interesting.  Especially for this corn and soybean farmer.  I am learning more about the challenges of growing these California crops.  But one thing is still true, it’s better with AgroLiquid.

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