Now That’s A Week! (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

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  • May 20, 2018

So sorry for the onslaught of blogs this weekend.  But as I’ve actually been working every day at the NCRS, I’m tired at night.  And that is blog time, so it had to wait till now.  Anyway, things are growing as this pic of the orchard shows.  The apple trees are now in bloom.  Jay and Renae have been keeping up with the fertilizer, herbicide and fungicide applications.

 Wheat is really growing now with an occasional warm and sunny day.

 Production and plot corn is all planted and coming up to varied weather for sure.  It has been warm and sunny then cold and rainy.

Albert happened to stop by the NCRS on Friday.  Well he should know that if you stop by, you are going to be put to work.  Come on, get that bag of soybeans loaded!

 Yes, with the corn all in, it was time to shift to soybeans.  Here is Quinten at the fertilizer wagon waiting to load the next treatment into the planter.  This is really quite a job to keep up with the correct mix and correct treatment number.  But Quinten is a pro at this after several summers of work.

 And off Tim goes on this no-till soybean plot on Farm 6.

Dr. Zouheir had a busy week as we’ve seen.  Now here he is taking soil samples while Tim and Quinten get ready to start planting.  This is an interesting plot as he will determine what effects may have carried over from PrimAgro applied the previous year.  And will it compound with more application this year?

So many questions….but that’s our job.

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