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  • January 28, 2018

So a popular event during the AgroLiquid Kauai visit is climbing the Sleeping Giant mountain.  That’s it in the background looking North from the resort during a colorful sunrise.

On this morning there were 25 brave souls looking for adventure.  I think that’s the biggest group that I’ve ever climbed with.

 So we start out the 2+ mile hike up that will end at an elevation of 1240 feet.  Running is optional.  For kids. Not an option for me.

 Sometimes the trail is relatively flat and easy.

 But most of the time you are going up an incline.  It is a mountain after all.

Stephanie and son Gabe pause at a scenic lookout.  That is our destination.  The pointy part on the right of the head is the chin and the left point is the forehead.  I think.  But we will be there soon.

 Careful Troy.  One of the several challenging parts of the “trail”.

 Almost to the top.  We’re not going to let a little cliff action at 1200 feet keep us from the top.

 And on the summit.  Looking back to the mountain side towards Mt. Waialeale (behind the cloud).  Probably getting some of it’s 450+ inches of annual rainfall.

Some people carefully pose on the Giant’s chin like Carlos and son Liam.  Just don’t look down.

I’m not going all that way up without some chin time.

 Looking back from the chin towards the forehead are a string of AgroLiquid climbers.  It is slow and careful going from one end to the other.  You can see the steep dropoff on either side.

 Here is the view from on top looking back to the chin.  See the notched rock formation?  And the Pacific Ocean in the background.  It was a great day for the climb.

If you know where to look, there is a small cave under the chin that is kind of cool.

After fun at the top, it’s time to make the trip back down. Everything you went up must be gone down. Retail Partner Darrel from Colorado makes sure it’s safe by following these two climbers, also from Colorado.  Although Colorado is known for it’s mountains, where Darrel lives in NE Colorado it’s flat as a table.

So that was a nice time.  I’m pretty sure all 25 Agro climbers made it down.  Forgot to do a roll call. We started climbing a little after 8 and were back by 11.  It is better to start early while it’s cool.  Next time you’re there, remember Sleeping Giant = fun.

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