Our new building on the Carrington, ND site!

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  • August 03, 2017

This is our new building on the Carrington North Dakota site!

 The last blog the tanks were installed and the building was being built around them. After the building was enclosed, it was onto the interior. Due to the harsh weather condition in the North Dakota environment the decision was made to use spray foam for insulation. This expanding foam gets into all the spots fiberglass insulation can not. It was amazing how it tightened the building, keeping 50 to 60 mph winds at bay. As you can see the ceiling and walls were coated. One inch of spray foam has an R value of 7. The stand in the picture below is the start of the load out rack and load out office.

Below is what it looks like today! As you can see there are many parts that have to be installed to make the load out area productive, efficient and safe for loading trucks. Other parts added to the process were EPDM hose, stainless steel pipe, electrical systems, fluid meters and pumps. The orange and silver unit mounted on the side of the load out rack is a safety cage for loading trucks.

Congratulations to Dennis Holdgrafer for being the first tanker through the building! Dennis is one of Agroliquid’s truck drivers out of our Williams Iowa facility. Drivers will pull into the building and stop under the safety cage so it can be lowered, allowing our Site Manager Jared Volk to load the trucks safely.

Here are more pictures of the buildings interior.

Our first resident in the spring!


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