A recent trip to the Carrington site!

The new building project at the Carrington site is moving forward. As with any project you can expect changes as plans develop. One change to the project was the way the trucks enter the turn into the new building. When dealing with tractor trailer units you must have enough room for them to enter into the turn comfortably and get everything straight before entering the building. This change put the office trailer right in the way. So it must be moved! Just to refresh your memory the picture below is what the facility looked like when it was first setup. The original plans for this facility called for an open tank containment area with a truck load pad. This new steel building will be 11,00 square feet with a load out area and storage tanks inside the building. The new building will be located next to the 500,00 gallon tank.

Site Enterance

To accomplish the task of moving the office trailer Jared Volk (Site Supervisor) and I were the crew for the job. First we had to remove all the skirting around the trailer bottom, which had to be put somewhere inside so the wind doesn’t blow it away before you can reinstall it. In Carrington a slight breeze is 20 mph.


Then you have to bolt the trailer hitch back onto the frame and remove the jack stands that help stabilize it when in place. Also there are brackets with 2 ft. stakes pound into the ground and tension straps attached to the frame. So the trailer doesn’t blow away. Other items under the trailer are two 300 gallon insulated holding tanks, one for water and for sewage. The plumbing for the tanks and the tanks have to be removed as well. Now it is time to hook it up to the Ford Truck! It was quite a load but the Ford accomplished the task at hand!

Now all we need to do is get the trailer into it’s new spot. As you can see the new spot is by the 500,00 gallon tank. In this spot the office trailer should be out of the way for future projects as well. Excellent driving Jared!


The process repeats itself only in reverse. We have to install the insulated tanks, plumbing, jack stands, tie down straps and skirting. As you can see in the picture below the trailer is in its new home. Thank you Jared for all your help!



While I was on site the building project was getting under way. The excavation company was on site and they were digging the lower containment area of the building.



The excavators remove the soils from the area that are not suitable for compaction and replace it with engineered gravel. After the gravel is in place, they wet the gravel and run a compactor over the area to get 95% or more of compaction. A testing company will come to the site and do several compaction tests to make sure the area is up to specification.


Thing are taking shape and there is more to come!