A recent visit to Goodland

As you all know we have had a few project going at the Goodland Facility. Steve Esch (Facilities Manager) and I took a recent trip to Goodland to go over the finishing stages of all the projects taking place. We were on site to make a punch list of all the small finishing touches to make sure everytbing is taken care of. It has been quite a journey from start to finish and it is good to see that things are almost complete. This picture was taken from the top of the 2 million gallon tank looking to the west of the facility. The road beyond the tankers is a new entrance road leading to the new load out building. As you can see this area will be where the trailers are parked.


It was a beautiful day with just a slight breeze which is unusual for Kanas. The temperature was 45 degrees and that was alot warmer than Michigan. You can see the road curves around and heads toward the new building. At the bottom of the picture you can see the new containment area and it looks like it works. It holds enough water to make an ice skating pond.



Getting closer to the new load out building, another project was the two new rail spurs, which are in the process of getting the new ballast under the railroad ties to bring them up to grade.


 The picture below is our load out building, 2 million gallon tank and 10- 30,000 gallon tank containment area.


As I had mentioned previously one of the several projects is the two new rail spurs. The picuture below is the start of the ballast staged and ready to be installed under the rail ties. They use a bucket on the front of a backhoe to dump the ballast in betweent the rails and then smooth it down to about the top of the rail.



Below is the machine that will grab onto the rail, pick the rail and tie up a little off the ground, then the fingers will dig down into the ballast and begin making a sweeping motion with vibration pushing the ballast under the tie. This will take about 3 passes over top of the rail spur because it only puts about 2 inches of ballast under the tie each time. When all done there will be 6 inches under the tie bringing it up to grade level.


This is what it looks like after one pass. When done the ballast will be piled up to the top of the rail ties.


Here is the front of the load out building and as you can see there needs to be some grade work finished up!


But the inside of the building is looking good!