Asparagus Time (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So did you know that May is National Asparagus Month?  Sorry for the late notice.  Hopefully you’ve been enjoying it all month.  Although there is only one day left in May, it is perfectly acceptable to continue eating it in June.

 Whenever I think of asparagus I recall the fun trip over to Retail Partner Todd Greiner Farms over in the Hart of asparagus country.  That being Hart, Michigan.  Greiner Farms grows and processes asparagus for sale to stores all over the country, and it tastes best because it gets AgroLiquid.  SAM Burt, Troy and intern Katherine and I went over for a visit almost exactly a year ago.  They were introducing a new item: microwavable asparagus.  They only had one sample in their office and Katherine and I got into a tug-of-aspargus.  She won it as I must have gotten the slippery end.  Anyway it was a fun visit to the fields and processing buildings.  You can read all about it in the in the exciting two-part Land of Liquid blogs of May 30 and 31, 2017.

So what ever happened to Katherine anyway?  Well it turns out she just graduated from OSU.  Well not my OSU (Oklahoma State U) but from that other state starting with O just to the South of Michigan.  We used to have quite a few discussions on who is the top O.  Her degree was in Plant Pathology and she was helpful at the NCRS in her knowledge of crop diseases.  Anyway, she just started as a sales agronomist for one of AgroLiquid’s Retail Partners: Carrollton Farmers Exchange in Carrollton, OH.  So that is great for them as well as for AgroLiquid.  We all wish her well and look forward to seeing her at future functions.  Like the AgroExpo at which I look forward to seeing all, or maybe many, of the loyal blog readers.