Improve Strawberry Production

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers’ research-proven products are a good fit for strawberry production

strawberry branchWater doesn’t do much for grease fires, but baking soda will. This illustrates an important point for strawberry cultivation—for a solution to be effective, it must be the right fit. Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers’ products are a good fit for strawberry production.

Using liquid fertility products allows for flexibility in application timing and methods, so strawberries can receive customized nutrition based upon their nutrient needs at various stages of growth. AgroLiquid’s products are efficient because they can be placed in the root zone for maximum uptake.

According to Dr. Brian Levene, specialty crop research manager for Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, strawberry growers with drip irrigation systems have an added advantage because liquid fertility products can be pushed through the irrigation system throughout the season. This eliminates the need for putting out thousands of pounds of pre-plant fertilizer and gives growers the opportunity to spoon feed their strawberry plants when necessary.

Research-proven products

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers offers a great line of products for commercial strawberry production, and they back them up with research-proven results. In addition to their mainline nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium products, AgroLiquid manufactures several other products that are beneficial for strawberry cultivation.

For everbearing strawberries, placing new transplants in a diluted soak solution that includes Pro-Germinator® can help promote early establishment. Pro-Germinator® is suitable for broadcast, pre-plant incorporated and strip-till applications. When a little extra phosphorus is needed, this product can be an effective source of foliar nutrition.

A good in-season foliar that stimulates physiological plant development is ferti-Rain™. During renovation periods, ferti-Rain™ can encourage new growth and speed up crop establishment in June-bearing strawberry plants.

S-Calate™ and LiberateCa™ are good choices for additional calcium during the season, particularly if firm fruit is desired. Avoid micronutrient deficiencies by using Micro500, a blend of zinc, manganese, iron, boron and copper.

Strawberry research at the North Central Research Farm

Most of the strawberry research going on at the farm is comparing the performance of AgroLiquid’s fertility products with that of conventional fertilizers. Researchers are also experimenting with in-season foliar applications to see if they can push yield response and improve crop quality.

In looking at side-by-side comparisons of the fertility programs, Dr. Levene has made several promising observations.

“What I have seen so far is that the liquid program compared to the conventional program adds to the yields with each harvest, so we see a nice improvement in overall yields at the end of the season,” says Dr. Levene.

“I haven’t measured sizing yet, but it appears that the uniformity and sizing are also better with the liquid program. We have seen this commercially as well with growers who have switched portions of their strawberry fields to liquid programs. We have also noticed better firmness and storability, although we have not set up formal trials to test this.”

The data from the 2012 strawberry research results will be available soon. Check the 2012 Research Results on for further updates.