Coming Up Cold (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So after a productive four days of planting last week, it started raining Friday morning.  And after temperatures near 80 for several days, it also turned cold as shown on my Flexometer.

I stopped over on Farm 5 to check on one of the first fields planted the previous week.  I saw some emerged corn and hopped out in the rain to get a quick pic of the row on the edge.  Although it was cold now in the morning, surely by afternoon it would warm up so they could continue growing.

Or maybe not.  (They probably won’t show these temperature pictures in the Michigan tourist brochures. Come to a state where daytime temps are still in the 30’s in mid-May!)

But we love it here.  Having grown corn here at the NCRS for the past 23 seasons, I’m pretty confident it will be the best crop ever.