Comparison of Foliar Fertilizer Sources on 15″-row Soybeans (14-908)

Experiment Info

Planted: 5/31/2014
Harvest: 10/27/2014
Yield Goal: 60 bu/A
Target Fert: 0-38-110
Variety: P26T76R
Population: 150,000
Row Width: 15″
Previous Crop: Corn
Plot Size: 15 x 470
Replications: 4
Foliar 1: 7/16/2014

Soil Test Values (ppm)

 pH: 6.6
CEC: 9.5
%OM: 2.4
Bray P1:
Bicarb P:
K: 95
S: 12
%K: 2.6
%Mg: 18.9
%Ca: 71.2
%H: 6.6
Zn: 1.3
Mn: 4
B: 0.4


Evaluation of foliar fertilizer sources applied on 15″-row soybeans in the V4 stage of growth.

For years the NCRS has shown the positive effects that foliar fertilizers can have on soybean yield. This year an experiment was established to compare Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers standard foliar programs if ferti-Rain and Sure-K to other AgroLiquid products not necessarily thought of as soybean foliars. These were Woody Plants and Trees, Fase2 and Green and Grow Wright Professional, These specialized products contain a balance of micronutrients that may prove beneficial in a foliar application. In addition, one outside source was tested for comparison, Conklin’s 3-4-8 with micronutrients was applied at their recommended rate of 2 qt/A. Applications were mixed with water and made at a total spray volume of 10 gal/A in mid-July when the soybeans were in the V4 growth stage. Yield results appear on the chart below.

soybean 14-908


  • All foliar applications increased soybean yield over the no foliar check.
  • Traditionally used soybean foliar products ferti-Rain and Sure-K provided the highest yields in this experiment.
  • Highest yield of 54 bu/A was achieved with the addition of 1 qt/A Micro 500 to the Sure-K foliar program.
  • The other products not commonly used as a soybean foliar application did not yield as much as the Sure-K or