Concrete on the ground in Carrington!

We have officially started the beginning of concrete for the new steel building on the Carrington site. By the end of the project they will have poured 850 yards of concrete. At the end of the last blog we had the containment area dug out and the engineered fill in place and compacted. Since then they have had rain storm after rain storm go through the area. So instead of a containment area for a building, it ended up a nice pond. This was quite a storm that went through about 4 am and not only did it leave all this rain behind, but the wind tipped over the portable restroom and blew it 20 yards from where it was staked in the ground. Get out the fishing pole!


After the water was pumped out and the ground dried enough to get back into the area, the tunnel trench had to be excavated. The tunnel will run from one side of the building to the other and then past the exterior wall for future expansion. This will allow product hose to be installed under the floor and  come out of the tunnel through an opening in the load out area. There will also be hose that go to the rail spur for the loading and unloading of rail cars. After the tunnel area was excavated to the proper depth a base of stone and sand had to be put back in to stabilize the concrete floor.



Now the forms have to be installed for the tunnel floor.



After the forms were installed, below is what the concrete crew arrived to the next morning. It’s time to get the pumps out again!

Wet tunnel area 7-27-2016Thank goodness! After that rain storm the project has been going along pretty well. The tunnel floor was poured and things are looking less saturated. As you can see in the picture below the reinforcing bars were installed and if you look close there is a white strip between the re-bar, it is called water stop. This water stop is made of Polyvinyl Chloride and is 6″ tall by 3/8″ thick. When installed in the concrete 3 inches are inserted in one slab and 3 inches sticks out for the next slab and it keeps water from seeping through the cracks. Thus the name “water stop”.


Now they snap chalk lines on the concrete to make sure the inside and outside panel for the tunnel walls are installed leaving the correct space.


Next up is the tunnel walls! In the picture below the crew have set the panels for the interior of the wall and have tied some more re-bar in place to help support the concrete. The taller section of panels will be the opening on the exterior of the building for future expansion. This opening will have a cover installed over it. Another thing I would like to mention about the picture below is the liner that was installed below the tunnel floor. This liner is just another layer of protection for the soils under the building. Agroliquid is always going above and beyond for the protection of the environment.


The exterior wall panels are set and now it is time for the concrete! The concrete is delivered through the use of a pump boom truck. A pump boom truck makes the installation of the concrete more accurate and it can reach places a cement truck is not able to go.



After the concrete has had time to cure the panels are removed.


There is a lot more of the project to go! A big “Thank you” goes out to our site manager Jared Volk for the pictures!



2 thoughts on “Concrete on the ground in Carrington!

  1. Todd,
    Nice job on the blog. I’m glad to see the project moving forward and the concrete going in. I’m excited to see the final product.

    1. Thank you for the comment Steve! It is very exciting to see the project taking shape. North Dakota weather has been quite a factor in this project. A very smart person once told me “the hardest part is getting out of the ground”. Take care and good to hear from you!

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