Fertilizer Program Comparisons in Soybeans R&D Research Farm. Washington, LA

Experiment Info 2013 13-308

Planted: 6/24
Variety: P95Y70
Population: 50 lb
Row Spacing: 19”
Previous Crop: Soybean
Plot Size: 6 ft x 30’
Replications: 4
PPI: 6/23
Foliar: 8/15
Harvested: 11/11

Soil Test Values (ppm)

pH: 5.8
CEC: 10.5
% OM: 1.5
Bicarb P: 73
K: 180
S: 12
% K: 4.1
% Mg: 15.3
% Ca: 60.4
% H: 0
% Na: 1.1
Zn: 0.9
Mn: 43
B: 0.5


Compare effects on soybean yield of different types of fertilizer applications for soybeans. Fertilization of soybeans has several different options from nothing to multiple applications of fertilizer. A common practice is to allow the soybeans to feed on whatever fertilizer is left from the previous crop. Sometimes it is difficult to show a fertilizer response in soybeans. But this experiment was set up to compare no fertilizer, dry fertilizer (potash), potash plus foliar, foliars only and liquid applied at planting. AgroLiquid has developed several effective foliar fertilizers including Sure-K and ferti-Rain. Included in this test was an experimental foliar fertilizer called FK-12, of undisclosed analysis. Treatments and yield results appear in the chart.


• The potash only application showed a yield increase over no fertilizer, but the highest yields were with several different AgroLiquid programs.

• Addition of foliar fertilizer increased the yield with the potash application.

• All of the foliar fertilizers produced similar yield to that with planter fertilizer, but at lower applied rates.