Fertilizer Program Components in Corn (3 Year Average)

Experiment Info 20133 Year Average

Planted: 5/7
Variety: DKC53-78
Population: 4
Row Spacing: 30”
Previous Crop: Soybeans
Plot Size: 15’ x 210’
Replications: 4
Potash: Fall 2012
PPI: 5/2, 5/6
Sidedress: 63/8
Harvested: 10/15

Soil Test Values(ppm):

pH: 7
CEC: 12.4
% OM: 3.4
Bicarb P: 17
K: 111
S: 5
% K: 2.3
% Mg: 21.4
% Ca: 75.9
%H: 0
% Na: 0.4
Zn: 1.5
Mn: 4
B: 0.7


Evaluate the long-term yield effects of the different AgroLiquid program components. In the spring of 2011 a long-term study was developed to compare the influence of fertilizer components on overall fertilizer programs. A yield goal of 175 bu/A corn was established (However, actual corn yields have far exceeded the original goal.) Following a soil test, a recommendation of 180-30-60-2 Zn was developed. Three fertilizer treatments were developed
and compared to a nitrogen only treatment.

  1. 3 gal/A Pro-Germ. + 5 gal/A Sure-K + 2 qt/A Micro 500
  2. 5 gal/A Sure-K + 2 qt/A Micro 500
  3. 3 gal/A Pro-Germ. + 2 qt/A Micro 500

These treatments were applied in-furrow at planting and were all sidedressed with 47 gal/A 28% + eNhance. These treatments are part of the long-term “permanent” plot study, therefore all treatments remain in the same location from year to year. A summary of the first three years of yield results appear on the table below.


• All treatments including the nitrogen only, exceeded the 175 bu/A yield goal. The location of this experiment is a highly productive soil, knowing the yield potential, recommendations may have changed. However, this being a long term study, rates will remain the same to compare changes in yield and soil test based on fertilizer programs.

• Of the planter fertilizer treatments, lowest yield average is the program containing just Sure-K and Micro 500, yielding almost 7 bu/A less than the Pro-Germinator only treatment.

• The treatment with Pro-Germinator and Micro 500 has a three year average yield increase of over 15 bu/A. Even in these higher phosphorus soils, there is great benefit to Pro-Germinator and Micro 500 applied in-furrow.

• Highest yield was achieved with the complete fertilizer program with a three year yield average of 215 bu/A, this is over a 20 bu/A yield increase over the nitrogen only treatment. This demonstrates the importance of a complete fertilizer program and its effects on corn yield.