Flowering Almond Trees in California (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So I was in California last week on a fertilizer mission.  Had an opportunity to stop by the Stockton manufacturing plant.  It’s been a few years since I was last here.  But now it is a full line manufacturer of AgroLiquid.  This is the AgroLiquid fertilizer source for all of the West, including Hawaii.  It’s a large and impressive facility.  That’s Site Manager Todd walking out toward the office building.

Ever wonder how big of a tank would be necessary to hold half a million gallons of Sure-K?  Well here is one.

 AgroLiquid is fortunate to have a number of fine Retail Partners throughout California.  One of the oldest is Stanislaus Farm Supply (in Stanislaus county).  This is the store in Modesto, South of Stockton.  This shows the many fine products you can get there.

 I was with Sales Account Manager Armando, and we met up with one of the Stanislaus agronomists Paul.  I met Paul a number of years ago, and from the beginning he has become an expert in using AgroLiquid in a variety of crops, like Almonds.   Here we are in a young (3rd leaf) orchard where he is in charge of the fertility.

 He recently planted a row on the field edge, and this is what the bigger trees looked like three seasons ago.  That’s some growth.

 The next day we met up with Dylan, who is the Sales Account Manager for Southern CA.  We are in an orchard that is soon to receive AgroLiquid fertilizers PrG, Kalibrate and Micro 500.  (PrG?  That’s Pro-Germinator’s name in California.  Don’t ask.)  The almonds all over are in full bloom, so it was a good week to come out.

 They sure are pretty in the sun.

 It was cold this week, which is not good news because there was threat of frost.  A lot of people had their fingers crossed.  Me too.

 Almonds are a big crop in California.  Almonds and Wine Grapes regularly compete for the top value crop in CA.  I say declare a truce and enjoy both.