Focus on Phosphorus

Tank mix AgroLiquid’s premier, complete liquid phosphorus solution with your nitrogen fertilizer

Clearly, both nitrogen and phosphorus are important for growing crops. As primary crop nutrients, they are involved in many functions within a plant. Nitrogen is often the largest chunk of the fertilizer budget.  However, the role of phosphorus cannot be overlooked. Phosphorus is involved in processes in the plant like energy storage and transfer (ATP/ADP), protein synthesis, photosynthesis, nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) synthesis, nutrient movement through cell walls and many more processes. Therefore, it pays to make sure phosphorus does not become deficient in plants. Maximizing yields and quality means supplying these nutrients in the right amounts at the right time.

Applying phosphorus as a crop nutrient can be tricky. It needs to be well managed for environmental and economic reasons. Just because phosphorus was applied to the soil does not mean that it is doing what you want it to do: feed the plant. All applied fertilizer is available, but not all applied fertilizer is usable. Sounds funny, but it’s true. What’s the difference? All fertilizer is available to plants — it’s right there for the taking. But it may not be usable. In order for a nutrient to be usable, it must be close to the roots and it must be in a form that the plant can absorb.

AgroLiquid agronomists have long been focused on providing a highly efficient and usable phosphate fertilizer in a form that is simple to apply. That means being able to tank mix with other crop nutrients. Because of the timing of nitrogen applications, it important our phosphorus can mix well with UAN solutions or anhydrous ammonia, as well as AgroLiquid’s slow-release nitrogen solution, High NRG-N. Adding Pro-Germinator to a nitrogen pass is an effective way to supply phosphorus when and where the crop needs it.

Pro-Germinator contains both orthophosphate and carbon-protected polymer phosphate to provide readily-available, and controlled-release phosphorus with minimal danger of tie-up in the soil. The long phosphorus chains in Pro-Germinator protect nutrients until the plant is ready to use them, resulting in increased efficiency and maximum uptake. With a lower nutrient concentration in a more powerful formula, Pro-Germinator is safe to use at planter time, while still providing the nutrients required.

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