For certain: Sure-K


Sure-K is a safe, versatile potassium solution for any cropping system or management practiceYou know there are certainties in life. Death and taxes are the normal answer, but what about positives? The sun rises, the ocean is pulled by the tides, and plants are going to need fertilizer to reach their maximum potential. Let’s look at how Sure-K works.

Sure-K is a soluble potash that gives plants the nutrients they need during key reproductive stages. Potash, or potassium or a potassium compound, has been used in agriculture for ages, as well as during the infancy of our country. In fact, in 1790, George Washington signed the first patent issued in the United States – and it was to Samuel Hopkins for making potash.
However, there’s always room for improvement.

Why AgroLiquid Sure-K?
Sure-K plays an important role in a variety of ways:

• Yield
The right potassium levels contribute to increased crop yields. Sure-K supports the development of fruits, seeds, and tubers, helping plants achieve their full yield potential.

• Stress tolerance
Potassium helps plants cope with various environmental stresses, like drought, disease, and temperature fluctuations. It also helps the plant’s ability to resist and recover from stress conditions.

• Nutrient uptake
Potassium plays a role in regulating nutrient uptake by plant roots. It can improve the plant’s ability to absorb and utilize other essential nutrients, promoting balanced nutrition.

• Water management
Sure-K helps regulate water uptake and loss in plants, contributing to better water use efficiency. This can be particularly beneficial when rainfall doesn’t keep up with demand.

• Quality
The right potassium levels can improve the quality of harvested crops. This may include attributes such as color, taste, and nutritional content.

• Balanced nutrient ratios
Maintaining proper potassium levels contributes to balanced nutrient ratios in the soil, preventing nutrient deficiencies or imbalances that can negatively impact plant growth.

• Improved disease resistance
Potassium has been linked to improved disease resistance in plants. Strengthening cell walls and promoting overall plant vigor can make plants more resistant to certain diseases.

In addition, the Sure-K formula provides for the best use at lower concentrations, and it has no chlorides or hydroxides. As a result, it preserves soil health long-term and makes it a safe potassium solution for any cropping system. Sure-K makes it easy to maintain the right potassium levels or correct potassium deficiencies. It can be applied in many different ways and safely combined with other nutrients or crop protection products, so growers can make fewer trips across the field. As with many AgroLiquid offerings, Sure-K also takes advantage of Nutriq Technology, which provides slow-release nutrient delivery exactly when plants need it.

AgroLiquid has been performing trials testing the effectiveness of Sure-K for many years on different crops, in various parts of the county, on a variety of crops. Check out our records on:

“The biggest benefit of Sure-K is it’s a very flexible product,” said AgroLiquid national agronomist Stephanie Zelinko. “There are a number of different ways you can apply it, including in-furrow, foliar, and side dress. It works well on a number of different application processes. Plus, it also has years of research to back it up – our first data point with it is in 1998.”

The benefits and the research are clear: Sure-K gets essential nutrients to plants when they need it, resulting in better yields. It’s effective in improving growth and productivity across a wide range of crops and regions. If you’re not getting the results you want…it’s time to look into a product with a little more certainty. Find out more!