Friday March 23, 2018 at the NCRS (LAND of LIQUID Blog)

So did you know that this is National Ag Week?  Well it is, or so says the Agricultural Council of America (ACA).  The ACA is made up of leaders in agriculture working to promote public awareness of agriculture’s vital role in society.  Especially for people who think food grows in grocery stores.  Tuesday was Ag Day, and our wonderful Customer Service team made a poster with nice things said about the NCRS staff from AgroLiquid employees.  And today, Margie brought out balloons and pizza.  Looks like we had over 100% attendance today.  Thanks!

Even though it still gets down in the teens at night and early morning, I saw a Robin at the farm this morning.  And what do I always call a Robin?  The Harbinger of Spring.  (Look it up.)

Here is some of  the snow that remains.  Hopefully it will be gone by Monday and start warming up.

One task today was making the last of our product videos for our Video Library.  Nine are available to employees and Retail Partners, but it has taken a while to finish the Sulfur video about our products AccesS, S-Calate and eNhance.  Well it was winter after all.  But thanks to Burt and Tim, that’s a wrap.  Well except for the editing, combining pieces, graphics, voice intro and quiz.  But give us a week.  (Us includes Adam, Angi and Stephanie.)

It was nice and warm in the greenhouse where Chris, Zouheir and I worked on a grow-out experiment on soybeans.  Zouheir made these buckets and added the test soil.  Chris accurately applied the test fertilizers.  As usual I took pictures.  But they did let me plant the soybeans.  So our first crop is in!

As the countdown to planting ticks ever closer, there is always the final touch-ups on the planters.  Tim and Phil attach some new prototype fertilizer application devices to our plot planter.  Why is it green and going on our blue planter?  Hmmmm.

Quinten, who works here between classes at MSU during the school year, carefully assembles the new applicators.  Always fun to try something new.

So everyone was busy today….and that’s just the stuff that I took pictures of.  (I mean….the stuff of which I took pictures.)  Enjoy the rest of Ag Week.  It continues through Saturday.