Happy Anniversary Ag PhD TV Show (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So this past week marked the 20th anniversary of the wildly popular TV show Ag PhD.  On the show they took a look back to the beginning of their TV career  that started with their father.  It was interesting to see how the format and show formation  had grown since then.  Look at those young fresh faced agronomists.  That is how they have always thought as themselves, as agronomists, with the goal of educating the farmer.  If you are a regular watcher, and I hope you are, think how much they have done over the years to teach farmers and non-farmers about what it takes to  grow our nation’s (and the world’s) food.  Basically they are teaching these people so that they can better make decisions without learning the hard way or getting harmed by bad advice.  Learn about weeds, seed, fertilizers, soil tests, chemicals,  equipment, etc, and put that knowledge to work in your favor. 

Of course we are happy for the many times they have visited and spoken at AgroLiquid events as well.  Take a look at the segment from the show.  (But first enjoy an informative ad from our favorite fertilizer.)