Higher yield goals? You need potassium.

People have been using potassium as a soil fertilizer long before the industrial era. The name comes from an early method where people leached potassium (K) from wood ashes and concentrated it in large iron pots – which is where the name ‘pot-ash’ started. Of course now fertilizer is made in a more scientific way, but the original idea is still the same.

Potassium assists crop growth and development, and it plays a role in several processes that directly impact a grower’s yield. AgroLiquid understands the importance of potassium in crop nutrition and offers a range of potassium products designed to help growers maximize their yield potential.

Potassium and crop growth

Potassium contributes to several plant functions, including:


Potassium regulates the opening and closing of stomata, the tiny pores on leaves that control gas exchange. This regulation optimizes CO2 intake and water loss, leading to increased photosynthetic efficiency.

Nutrient transport

Potassium helps transport nutrients and sugars through the plant. This way, all parts of the plant receive the necessary resources for growth, resulting in healthier plants and better yields.

Water regulation

Potassium helps plants manage water uptake and loss, reducing stress during drought and improving overall plant health. Of course, the healthier the plant, the better they are equipped to produce high yields.

Disease resistance

The correct potassium levels can strengthen plant cell walls and improve overall plant health, making crops more resistant to disease, pests, and the losses that result from them.

AgroLiquid’s potassium solutions

AgroLiquid offers a variety of potassium products to meet the specific needs of different crops and growing conditions. They include:


Kalibrate: Kalibrate® is a chloride- and hydroxide-free potassium and sulfur fertilizer, which means it provides nourishment without damaging the long-term health of the soil.

Kalibrate helps plants access potassium and sulfur, which is important to growth and development from beginning to end. Kalibrate can be used by itself, or it can be used in combination with other AgroLiquid products to provide a balanced fertilizer program.

AgroLiquid has designed Kalibrate to be easy to use and apply, so growers can give crops what they need without using lots of extra time and money.

See the latest research of Kalibrate’s effect on russet potatoes.

Kapitalize: Kapitalize is a fast-acting potassium fertilizer with added calcium and sulfur.

Calcium is used by the plant to build cell walls and to grow properly. Calcium deficiencies will cause decreased size and quality of seeds, fruit, tubers and cruciferous vegetables. For this reason, Kapitalize is especially important in cotton, soybeans, citrus, sugarcane, and annual vegetables. Kapitalize can be easily applied to help increase yields and quality.

The addition of calcium and sulfur in the potassium foliar fertilizer makes more nutrients available.  Calcium is highly reactive, and tank mixing conventional calcium products can be a problem. However, Kapitalize has been formulated to be combined and immediately applied with other AgroLiquid products, including our phosphorus products.

The formulation of Kapitalize not only makes it easy to apply, but also helps to prevent nutrient tie-up in the soil. Since it also includes calcium and sulfur, Kapitalize helps to bolster multiple parts of the plant as it grows. This is particularly useful for crops and fruit trees with high potassium, calcium, and sulfur requirements.

See the results of foliar application of Kapitalize on soybeans.


primagro k

PrimAgro K: PrimAgro K provides potassium, nitrogen, and sulfur. It also renews the natural potassium processing cycle by restoring beneficial microbes. These bacteria decompose organic matter in the soil, naturally releasing potassium into the field. This process also allows plants to reach and use potassium more easily.

Potassium moves very slowly through many soil types, if it moves at all. This makes it more difficult for many plants and trees to get the potassium they need throughout their growing cycle. Potassium mobilizing biofertilizer breaks down insoluble potassium and allows the nutrient to move through the soil more freely. Since potassium plays a key role in the formation of sugars and starches, this means larger, higher-quality yields.

Traditional potassium fertilizers often bond with existing soil compounds, forming insoluble complexes that plant roots cannot break down. This leads to a buildup of unusable potassium, contributing to soil salinization and wasted resources. However, the potassium solubilizing bacteria contained in PrimAgro K potash biofertilizer help to break these bonds apart and make potassium mobile and usable in the soil.

See the research on PrimAgro in corn, PrimAgro on wheat, and PrimAgro on navy beans.



Sure-K: Sure-K is a potassium fertilizer that provides increased use at lower concentrations, providing the same or better results than standard potassium fertilizers while using less.

Sure-K is designed to provide long-lasting nutrition to sustain crops through its life stages.  It allows plants to process sugars more efficiently, producing larger, higher quality yields, while also making the crops better able to resist the effects of drought, disease, and stress.

Sure-K makes it easy to sustain ideal potassium levels or correct potassium deficiencies. It can be applied in many different ways and safely combined with other nutrients or crop protection products, so you make fewer trips across the field.

In all of these products, Nutriq Technology  is what promotes better plant growth while actually using a lower concentration of potassium. These plant-based polymers make more potassium available to the plants over a longer time period, allowing plants to continually draw potassium as they bud, bloom, and produce fruit and seeds.

See our research on foliar potassium on soybeans, foliar potassium on corn, on tomatoes, and on soybeans.

AgroLiquid advantage

AgroLiquid’s potassium products are backed by years of research and development, which helps growers get high-quality solutions for their crop nutrition needs. AgroLiquid is committed to helping growers achieve their yield goals through:

  • Scientifically-proven formulations: AgroLiquid’s potassium products are formulated based on sound scientific principles and extensive field testing.
  • Flexible application methods: AgroLiquid’s potassium products can be applied through various methods, including foliar, soil, and in-furrow, providing growers with flexibility.
  • Compatibility with other products: AgroLiquid’s potassium products are compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and pesticides, allowing for easy integration into existing crop management programs.
  • Agronomic support: AgroLiquid’s team of agronomists is available to provide growers with personalized support and guidance on product selection and application. We want you to get the most out of your investment!

From potash to potassium to Sure-K…the name doesn’t matter as much as the results. What remains the same is the fact that this nutrient will help you take your crop yield to the next level.

Contact your AgroLiquid representative to learn more about how we can help you achieve your yield goals.