In-Furrow Sulfur Options for Corn

Experiment Info

Planted  5/14/2014
Harvest  10/17/2014
Yield Goal  200 bu/A
Target Fert.  220-0-109
Variety  DKC 53-56 RIB
Population  38,000
Row Width 30″
Prev. Crop  Sugarbeets
Plot Size  15 x 290
Replications 4
Sidedress  6/10/2014


Soil Test Values (ppm)

 pH 7.2
CEC 8.5
%OM 1.8
Bray P1 34
Bicarb P 24
K 72
S 10
%K 2.2
%Mg 26.3
%Ca 70.2
%H 0
Zn 1.3
Mn 6
B 0.6
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To evaluate in-furrow sulfur fertilizer options for corn.

With the release of our newest product Kalibrate in early 2014, deciding which potassium source to use has been a common question. One difference between Sure-K and Kalibrate is the added 6% sulfur that is part of Kalibrate. When working with soils that are low in sulfur you have two options: use of Sure-K with eNhance or Kalibrate. Both programs will provide an adequate source of the required sulfur and potassium needed for a high yielding corn crop. This experiment compared 7 gal/A of Sure-K alone, 7 gal/A Sure-K + 2 qt/A eNhance and 7 gal/A Kalibrate, which contains 6% sulfur. All fertilizer programs also contained 3 gal/A Pro-Germinator and 2 qt/A Micro 500 applied in-furrow with tubes. All treatments were sidedressed with 52 gal/A High NRG-N. Yields appear on the chart below.

potassium and sulfur options for corn


  • The addition of 2 qt of eNhance to an in-furrow application of Sure-K increased corn yield by nearly 3 bushels per
  • Highest yield was achieved with an in-furrow application of Kalibrate, yielding 2.6 bushels per acre higher than
    the combination of Sure-K and eNhance.
  • In-furrow applications of eNhance are seed safe on corn up to 3 qt/A.