Join the AgPack (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So most computer pop-ups are annoying.  But there is one that really has value, and that’s the RAM AGPACK, from Ram Trucks.  The AgPack is a collaboration with Ram Trucks that offers savings from several key ag supply companies, including AgroLiquid!  So make sure you give it a “click”.

Heading up this program for AgroLiquid is Dale Ruff, who has been working with Ram Trucks to establish and promote this.  He has also been with the AgPack team at a variety of trade shows in the Ram Truck booth.  Here he is checking out the website in his official AgPack shirt.

So if you’re in the market for a new truck, check out a Ram.  And when you select one, check out the AgPack savings.

Save thousands of $$ on things you could use anyway!