LiberateCa – Get Your Calcium

Drone point of view of a tractor spraying foliar fertilizer on a soybean field. This is a good way to prevent or correct calcium deficiency.

Harvesting crops can be one of the most rewarding parts of farming. The care producers take with the preparation, the planting, the fertilizing, and all the aspects of the season is of the utmost importance. No nutrient can be overlooked…including calcium.

AgroLiquid would like to introduce you to – or reintroduce you! – LiberateCa®.

LiberateCa is a liquid fertilizer designed to easily prevent or correct calcium deficiency for all types of crops. LiberateCa is so versatile, it makes it easy to prevent or correct calcium deficiencies.

Of course, all plants need calcium to build cell walls and reach their growth potential. To help with this, LiberateCa uses Flavonol Polymer Technology to deliver calcium right to the plant roots, or as a foliar. In fact, LiberateCa offers unmatched applications flexibility, from in-furrow or banded at planting, or applied through irrigation.

Want the exact science of it? The plant-based polymer chains protecting the calcium prevent it from reacting with phosphorus and other nutrients, so it remains usable to plants. This also makes it compatible with other nutrients*, so it can be applied without an extra trip. As a result, producers can save on fuel and soil compaction.

Producers aren’t just planning for one year. They’re planning for generations. Happily, a healthy level of calcium in the soil improves soil quality and longevity for many seasons.

In the soil, calcium indirectly influences yield by reducing soil acidity — lowering solubility and toxicity of manganese, copper, and aluminum. It also indirectly helps by improving root growth conditions, molybdenum availability, and uptake of other nutrients. In the plant, it improves fruit quality by strengthening cell walls, reducing bruising in shipping, and increasing storage life. Calcium is most readily available in soils with a pH of 7.0 – 8.5.

As you may already know, phosphorus and calcium typically don’t mix. However, LiberateCa is designed to be combined with other products – even phosphorus*.

LiberateCa is compatible with most other AgroLiquid fertilizer products, including Pro-Germinator, providing application flexibility and options not possible when using other calcium products.

It can also be used on a variety of crops in a variety of timings. You can use it to:
• use in-furrow as part of a row starter package for row crops
• promote firmness of fruit in horticultural applications
• decrease the potential for blossom end rot in tomato production.

Not only does LiberateCa prevent calcium deficiency, but it can also correct it as it’s happening. If calcium can’t reach the new cells of a plant, it will lead to symptoms like tip burns or blossom rot.

With LiberateCa, it’s not too late. Detecting calcium deficiencies with a soil test and solving this problem early on will help to ensure healthy growth and high yields.

LiberateCa has many benefits, including it:

• Promotes strong plant cell growth
• Improves resistance to stress, drought, and disease
• Easy to apply at planting or throughout the growing season
• Easy to apply with other nutrients
• Improves microbial activity in the root zone
• Helps improve the effectiveness of rhizobia that are beneficial in providing nitrogen to legumes

As producers get ready for the season, it’s time to think about getting the right amount of fertilizer for your crops. The better prepared everyone is now, the better harvest we’ll all have. Just follow the age-old adage…you better get your calcium.

See the research on soybeans.

On apples and pears.

As an additive on corn.

*Always follow label instructions and perform a jar test before tank mixing and crop nutrition and/or crop protection products.