Making the most of every pass

Soil compaction, fuel use, time…every pass across the field has some sort of cost. Reducing the amount of passes, as well as making the most of each pass, is a practice that can put growers ahead. AgroLiquid understands the importance of efficient nutrient delivery for the best yield. Let’s discuss the opportunities to help you get the most out of every application.

Make a plan

The first step in nutrient delivery is making a plan. With soil testing, you gain valuable information the specific needs of each field. You can tailor your nutrient applications, avoiding unnecessary passes and potential waste. Soil testing helps set realistic goals for the growing season and can also help producers get a better return on investment in the long run. (For more on this, listen to agronomist Stephanie Zelinko on Brownfield Ag News.)

Targeted application

Once you have a plan, precision application technology can help you execute it. With variable rate technology, you can adjust nutrient application to make sure every area of your field receives the correct dose.

However, even the most precise application is only effective if your plants can efficiently absorb the nutrients. Here’s where AgroLiquid’s complementary products come into play, since our nutrients work together to improve plant health and nutrient uptake. (See our compiled research for more detail.)

What inputs you’re using – as well as when you’re using them – make a difference in the outcome. For instance, if the tests indicate you need to apply nitrogen during the season, but your plants also need boron, this could require two separate passes across the field.

AgroLiquid formulations consider how different nutrients interact. By combining them strategically, we help get the best possible uptake by your plants, which makes each application more effective. AgroLiquid’s piggyback approach allows you to combine essential macronutrients (like nitrogen) with strategically timed micronutrients (like boron) in a single application.

Plus, you can tailor the micronutrient delivery to your specific needs. This could involve timed-release boron for later in the season, readily available forms for immediate uptake, or a combination of both.


For example, Boron is an important micronutrient, but it’s also highly leachable. Traditionally, applying boron early in the season can lead to significant losses before it’s actually needed. But by piggybacking boron onto a mid-season nitrogen application, you can make it’s delivered when it’s most needed. This targeted approach gives growers:

  • Better efficacy: Boron is readily available for uptake by crops when it matters most, promoting cell wall development, flowering, and fruit support.
  • Loss reduction: By applying it later, you minimize the risk of leaching and help with a more efficient use of this micronutrient.

This method also reduces cost since there are fewer passes. Since it uses targeted micronutrient delivery to maximize effectiveness, it also leads to a greater ROI. For more on this, listen to the Brownfield Ag News interview with agronomist Reid Abbott.

So get into the field! …Just fewer times. By combining a innovative technologies and complementary products, AgroLiquid helps you make the most of your time, money, and every pass. We offer customized solutions to fit your specific needs, helping you reduce costs and maximize yield.

For more, contact your AgroLiquid representative.