Modern planters and nutrients: the perfect pairing?

A tractor parked next to an AgroLiquid delivery truck

Milk and cookies. Sun and moon. Bat and ball.

There are just some things that are better as a pair – including modern planters and fertilizer.

To deliver the best crop nutrition, you need the most precise equipment. Planters have changed even in just the past decade, as planters take advantage of new technology.

First, growers have to select the right fertilizer, so you can confidently select the right crop nutrition plan for your needs. Next, there’s upgrading your equipment. Using the equipment you already own, most equipment dealers will help customize and upgrade your liquid control and delivery system for optimum placement. With more control and efficiency available on your planter, you’ll soon be ready to start applying nutrients at-plant to maximize your investment.

Planter technology is paving the way for increased yields and sustainability. One of the innovations is using planter technology and precision liquid fertilizers in tandem. The result leads to better quality and quantity of crops.

Modern planter technology and AgroLiquid fertilizers work together to produce the best results:

Seed spacing: Today’s planters make sure there’s consistent seed spacing, so plants are not too crowded or too sparse. This avoids competition for resources like sunlight, water, and nutrients.

Seed depth control: Adjusting the depth at which seeds are planted is important. Planters let farmers control seed depth, so seeds are placed at an ideal depth for the best growth.

Variable rate planting: This adjusts the planting rate according to soil conditions and seed type, so different areas of the fields receive the right amount of seeds.

Real-time data: Planters come equipped with data collection systems that monitor planting speed, seed spacing, and soil conditions. This data lets farmers get insight to make informed decisions about planting strategies.

Overall, AgroLiquid fertilizers work with modern planters to produce a good, quality crop for a variety of reasons. AgroLiquid liquid fertilizers are designed to provide nutrients in a readily available form, so plants can take up essential nutrients more efficiently. AgroLiquid offers personalized fertilizer blends tailored to specific crop and soil needs, which means crops receive exactly what they need for the best growth. Plus,

In addition to applications in furrow and at planting, AgroLiquid fertilizers can be applied through various methods, including in-season soil applications, foliar spraying, and fertigation.

Working in tandem

When planter technology and AgroLiquid fertilizers are combined, the grower benefits.

  • Precision planting and nutrient placement

Modern planters help with accurate seed placement and, when used in conjunction with AgroLiquid fertilizers, precise nutrient placement. This means that seeds and nutrients are placed in close proximity, allowing for the best nutrient uptake from the moment of planting.

  • Nutrient optimization

AgroLiquid’s customized fertilizer blends are tailored to match each crop’s specific nutrient requirements. The close proximity of seeds and nutrients allows for more efficient nutrient absorption, reducing competition among plants and maximizing growth potential.

  • Informed decision-making

Advanced planter technology provides real-time data on planting conditions. This data helps farmers to make informed decisions for better results.

  • Precision

Combining precision planting with liquid fertilizers results helps reduce waste and improve nutrient use efficiency.

With the planter technology of today, combined with the best fertilizers, seeds get the best start – planted exactly right for the soil, at the right amount and depth, with the correct nutrients. By using this pair that fits together – planters and fertilizer – you’ll get your crop off to the best start, setting the stage for the highest possible yield and maximum profitability.

Contact your AgroLiquid retail partner to see if we can help you equip your planter with liquid fertilizer application.