More Agricultural Sights in California (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So if the almonds are flowering, they must be pollinated in order to produce nuts.  That means it time to call the work horses of the ag industry….well not horses, but bees.  There were hive boxes put out through the orchard to get the job done.  Although with the cold, hope they keep buzzing.

 There are so many new acres of trees being planted all through the San Joaquin valley.  You see new orchards growing everywhere you look.  Growing nuts is good business, and good for you.  So do your part and eat some today!

 There are around 1.25 million acres of almonds in the state producing some 2.2 Billion pounds of nuts.  Well we know what happens to the almond nuts….we eat them.  But what about all of the hulls?  Well they are ground up and primarily used for livestock feed and bedding.  Hmmm. I’ve heard of almond milk, I guess they come from those cows.  (OK, that is not true.)  But here is a hull processing facility.  Look at the big pile.

 Of course not all trees are almond trees.  What are these?  OK I didn’t know either.  We asked a guy out working. These are apricot trees.  I love apricot jam.

 Well what is going on here?  It looks like broccoli.  Well it is broccoli, but seed production.  It has to come from somewhere…and this is one place.  Again we asked a worker in the field.  I will say it’s valuable traveling with Armando who speaks Spanish.  But I love broccoli.

 Another opportunity we had was to attend the fundraising banquet of the Lodi District Grape Growers Association.  Wouldn’t you know that AgroLiquid is a Platinum member.  It was good and they raised a lot of money for scholarships.  I was pleased that one of the recent winners is attending Oklahoma State University.  So the future is in good shape and money well spent!

 Well there was plenty of other meetings about fertilizer going into the season, but not so much of a picture opportunity.  But in months ahead we will see the progress of AgroLiquid performance.

I show plenty of other people in the LAND of LIQUID, so I thought I close with a flowery picture of the author.  Don’t I look optimistic?  Well I am.