NCRS Wheat Harvest (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So wheat harvest got going this week.  It has been hot and dry so the plots are ready.  You’ve seen this many times before where the scaled cart follows the combine from plot to plot.

 The yields have been very good, over 100 bushel dryland.  But recall we had a wet spring that was of benefit to growth and development.  So after all the tests are harvested we will summarize the data and learn of our success.  (I’m always an optimist).

 But the hot and dry part that’s good for wheat harvest is not so good for dryland corn on light ground.  This is our organic fertilizer corn test.  Always hope for rain when it’s dry, but would like to have this one turn out as it’s our most complete organic test ever.

But you can’t control the weather, just complain about it.  So I’m doing that.  At least I haven’t had to mow my yard for several weeks.  See, that’s an optimistic view.