Nitrogen Source and Method of Application Comparison in Corn

Experiment Info

Planted: 4/25
Variety: DKC48-12
Population: 31,000
Row Spacing: 30″
Previous Crop: Soybeans
Plot Size: 15′ x 530′
Replications: 3
Broadcast: 4/26
Sidedress: 4/25
Harvested: 10/29


Soil Test Values (ppm)

pH: 6.1
CEC: 10.8
% OM: 2.4
Bray P1: 24
K: 128
S: 10
% K: 3.0
% Mg: 18.5
% Ca: 63.7
% H: 14.4
% Na: 0.4
Zn: 0.9
Mn: 9
B: 0.4
Yield Goal: 180
Fertilizer Rate:
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To compare different nitrogen sources and application methods for corn.

There are many options for nitrogen placement when it comes to fertilizing a corn crop. In this experiment two nitrogen sources were used: High NRG-N and 28% + eNhance. Methods of application included: PRE emergence broadcast treatment, sidedress application 30 days after planting and a split application where 15 gallons per acre was applied 2×2 at planting with the remainder at sidedress. An additional treatment of 28% UAN applied PRE broadcast and was tested as a standard comparison. Yields appear on the chart below.

Nitrogen Source and Method of Application Comparison in CornConclusions:

  • There was no significant difference in yield amongst methods of application for both of the nitrogen sources. Numerically, the sidedress applications yielded slightly higher than either the broadcast or split applications.
  • At broadcast, 28% yielded slightly higher than High NRG-N but there was no significant difference between it and 28% + eNhance.
  • The sidedress treatments showed no statistically significant difference in yield between the two nitrogen sources.
  • There was no difference in nitrogen sources with the split applications. However, by using High NRG-N at plating and sidedressing with 28% UAN there was a yield increase. This warrants further testing in the future as there may be advantages to using two products with different nitrogen-release curves.