Potassium: Getting the right recipe

Growing a high-yielding crop is like fine-tuning a recipe. You need the right ingredients at the optimum amounts, balanced ratios, and the correct temperature.

One crucial ingredient is potassium, as it is part of nearly all processes needed to sustain plant growth and reproduction. When crops are deficient in potassium, they are less resistant to drought, excess water, extreme temperatures, and pests. Potassium improves the quality of crops – their shape, color, size, and strength.


• Helps root growth
• Builds cellulose
• Activates 60 growth enzymes
• Aids photosynthesis
• Increases protein content
• Reduces water loss and wilting

Sometimes, crop injury occurs because of chloride and hydroxide contained in potassium fertilizers. At AgroLiquid, our liquid potassium fertilizers are free of chloride and hydroxide, so they’re safe for plants and the soil. Not only can they be easily applied with other crop protection products, but they can also be applied in a variety of ways.

Let’s look at AgroLiquid’s top two potassium options.


Sure-K is a versatile potassium solution for cropping systems and management practices. Sure-K provides slow-release nutrient delivery precisely when the plants need it to thrive at key reproductive stages. This allows plants to process sugars more efficiently, producing larger, higher quality yields, while also making crops better able to resist the effects of drought, disease, and stress.

Plus, the unique formula provides increased utilization at lower concentrations, providing the same or better results than standard potassium fertilizers – while using less product.

Sure-K’s Flavonol Polymer Technology makes more potassium available to the plants over a longer time period, allowing plants to continually draw potassium as they bud, bloom, and produce fruit and seeds.

In addition, Sure-K makes it easy to sustain ideal potassium levels or correct potassium deficiencies. As an added bonus, since it has flexible application options, and can be combined with other products, producers can take fewer trips across the field, which saves on compaction and fuel.

Sure-K benefits include:

• Sustained potassium nutrients at key reproductive stages
• Stimulated growth of fruit, seeds, and tubers
• Chloride- and hydroxide-free
• Lower concentrations with excellent results
• Flexible application reduces manpower required


Kalibrate is a potassium and sulfur fertilizer that is also chloride- and hydroxide-free. It is designed for producers who use technologies like Y-Drop, drip tape, microjets, or a 2×2 planter system, and whose crops will benefit from additional sulfur.

Kalibrate supports early season growth, as well as season-long nutrient delivery. Kalibrate’s Flavonol Polymer Technology not only provides slow-release nutrients when the plant needs it, but its special formula allows nutrients to go back into the soil if the product freezes. This makes Kalibrate ideal for delivering potassium and sulfur in the early-season cold temperatures.

It not only gives plants the support they need to start growing strong, but it also provides continuous nutritional support throughout critical growing stages.

Also, Kalibrate is designed to be easy to use and apply, so growers can give crops what they need without expending lots of extra time and money.

Kalibrate benefits include:

• Supports early-season delivery
• Resistant to freezing
• Easy to use with other nutrients and crop protection products
• Chloride- and hydroxide-free to protect from salt toxicity
• Adds crop-available sulfur as well as nitrogen and potassium
• Multiple application methods
• Suitable for corn, soybeans, sugar beets, wheat, and other row crops

Kalibrate’s research-proven technologies have been rewarding growers with dependable results in all soil types and cropping systems.

With the right ingredients, you can create the perfect blend. The soil, the sun, the weather – and the correct fertilizer products – can come together to create a healthy, high-yielding crop. We’ve fine-tuned the recipe, and we’re happy to share it. Enjoy!

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