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Pro Germinator

Even though we want everything to happen quickly, it doesn’t always work that way – and it’s not always the best. With fertilizer, it can lead to a waste of time and money. But what if you were able to tap into both the fast and slow?

As we all know, crops need phosphorus to grow well. But when we use phosphorus fertilizer, we have to be careful about tie up in the soil, which means the phosphorus can’t be easily used by the plants. In soil that’s more acidic, phosphorus can get stuck because of iron, aluminum, and manganese. In soil that’s more basic, calcium is what makes it difficult for plants to use the phosphorus.

But! Pro-Germinator avoids tie up in the soil.

Pro-Germinator is a mix of phosphate, nitrogen, potash, and iron which is used to help crops at their growth stages. The combination of quick-release phosphates with slow-release, carbon-protected, polymer phosphates, promotes growth early on, and then continues to support plants through their reproductive stages.

Avoid Tie Up

Pro-Germinator contains both ortho-phosphate and carbon-protected polymer phosphate to provide readily available and controlled-release phosphorus…but what does that mean for you? It means there is minimal danger of tie up in the soil. Pro-Germinator’s phosphates are protected by AgroLiquid’s proprietary nutrient technology, which means there’s nutrient extraction throughout the plant’s growth.

Low Risk of Tissue Damage

The risk of tissue damage can be a danger with some fertilizers, but Pro-Germinator protects crops by using a safe formulation that doesn’t cause plant tissue damage. As a result, it can be safely used at planting with little risk of seedling injury, making it a powerful part of a planter fertilizer program.


Not only can it be used as early as planting, but it can also be applied in a variety of ways. You can apply by broadcast, topdress, sidedress, as a foliar, or through fertigation. With this flexibility, you can reduce manpower and make fewer trips across the field.

These benefits make Pro-Germinator a valuable tool for growers looking to optimize crop growth, yield, and crop quality.


  • Stimulates early growth: Pro-Germinator promotes faster and earlier growth of crops, allowing them to quickly establish themselves.
  • Improves seed formation: It enhances the seed formation process, leading to even better-quality crops.
  • Balances nutrient supply: Pro-Germinator’s formula provides a well-balanced source of essential nutrients, including phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.
  • Reduces risk of leaf burn: Unlike some fertilizers that can harm early plants, Pro-Germinator has a gentler formula that minimizes the risk of leaf burn and seedling injury.
  • Is compatible with other products: Pro-Germinator can be easily mixed with crop protection products – nutrients, pesticides, fungicides* – which helps for application management.

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*Always follow label instructions and perform a jar test before mixing any fertilizers or crop protection products.