Soybean Fertilizer Rates and Placement in 15” rows

Experiment Info

Planted 5/15/2013
Variety: Pion. 92Y53
Population: 140,000
Row Width: 15″
Previous Crop: Corn
Plot Size: 15’x180/210×130
Replications: 5
Harvested: 10/11/2013


Soil Test Values (ppm)

 pH: 6.5
CEC: 6.5
%OM: 1.8
Bicarb P:
K: 76
S: 11
%K: 3.0
%Mg: 16.4
%Ca: 79.6
%H: 0
Zn: 1.0
Mn: 4
B: 0.6
Yield Goal: 60 bu/A
Target Fertilizer Rate: 0-0-124


To observe the effect of varying fertilizer rates and placement on yield of soybeans in 15” row spacing.

Treatments were planted into no-till corn stalks on May 16th with a Kinze planter equipped with interplant row units. The Kinze planter includes both in-furrow Totally Tubular and in-furrow Rebounder’s with split stream application. Totally Tubular places nutrients on the bottom of the seed trench before the seed is placed in the furrow. Rebounders place nutrients over the top of the seed and to either side with the split stream. Soil conditions were ideal at time of planting. Three fertilizer rates, 5 GPA, 7 GPA and 9 GPA, were used. Each rate consisted of 50% Pro-Germinator and 50% Sure-K and applied through either of the two application methods. A no planter fertilizer check was also included for comparisons.

Soybean 13-309


  • The Rebounder with split stream applications and placement above the seed appears to be safer at higher rates.
  • Yields were reduced when higher rates were applied through the Totally Tubular option.
  • These reductions were not significant between rates.
  • With good moisture Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer recommends: a maximum in-furrow nutrition of 3 gal/A for 30” rows and a maximum in-furrow nutrition of 7 gal/A for 15” rows.