Soybean Yield Response to Foliar-Applied Sure-K and Micronutrients (11-719)

Experiment Info

Planted: 6/1/2011
Variety: Stine 24RA02
Population: 150,000
Plot Size: 15′ x 255′
Replications: 4
Previous Crop: corn
Foliar V4: 7/7/2011
Foliar (V4+10D): 7/12/2011
Harvested: 10/31/2011

Soil Test Values (ppm)

 pH: 6.8
CEC: 12.2
%OM: 3.0
P1: 20
K: 121
S: 16
%K: 2.5
%Mg: 21.7
%Ca 75.5
%H: 0
%Na: 0.3
Zn: 1.3
Mn: 2
B: 0.6


This experiment evaluates the benefits of adding micronutrients into a soybean foliar program when soil tests are low for micronutrients. This location has an extremely low soil level on manganese at 2 ppm. In addition to the 3 gal/A Sure-K, 1 qt of Micro 500 and 1 qt of MicroLink Manganese were added to the application. Applications were made to 15” row soybeans that were 9-inches tall in the V4 growth stage.

Soybean 11-719


  • Both foliar programs with and without micronutrients significantly increased soybean yield over the untreated check.
  • The addition of 1 qt/A of Micro 500 and 1 qt/A MicroLink Manganese increased soybean yield 1.3 bu/A over the Sure-K only foliar program.