Stockton gets a major tank expansion!

Right now we have a lot of projects taking place at our Stockton Facility. We are in the process of making this facility a full product line manufacturing plant, we installed a new packaging system for 2.5 gallon  containers of product, a new 500,000 gallon storage tank and new logo signs.  Let’s start with the new 500,ooo gallon tank. This tank did have some challenges. For one thing this tank is in California, so there are some extra T’s to cross to accomplish this task! Also you never know if the whole state is going to break off and float away to China! Just kidding! I guess that is my way of saying we have to take seismic activity into consideration. All the other large tanks AgroLiquid has built have been on engineered fill only. This tank had to be on a concrete base. First, the correct engineered fill has to be below the concrete base, which means drilling and soil testing. Hopefully you have good soils, if you do not then excavation has to take place and the correct soils need to be compacted to support the weight of the tank. Below the forms have been set in place for the base. The concrete tank base is 80 feet across and 30″ deep.


The next step is to install the re-bar. There will be 2 layers of re-bar. As you can see it is installed in two different directions and then tied in place every 6 inches.


In this picture the wires that are sticking up are for the next layer of re-bar. They will keep the 2 layers separate.


Now the second layer has to be installed just like the first layer and as you can imagine, this is a time consuming process.


With any construction outside the weather is a big factor. As we all know California has been going through quite a dry spell but this year they have been blessed with rain. You can see the ground is wet but the sky looks like it is time to lay concrete. In the picture you see a boom that is attached to the center of the area and goes to the outside form wall. As the concrete is laid they move this boom over the top to smooth it out. The center of the area is 4 inches higher than the outside, this design will allow the tank to stay in place while everything else is shaking! Let’s hope we never go through that test!


tank base 2

Its time for the tank building to start! The floor of the tank is in place and the crew is installing the first ring outside wall. AgroLiquid uses double wall steel tanks. That means there is an outer tank and an inner tank. The inner tank will hold the product and if it fails, the outside tank will contain the product from getting out into the environment. This tank is shorter than our typical 500,000 gallon tanks. In California the tanks have to be shorter and wider so they cover more area for stability during a earthquake.


Things are moving along well!



Below is a look from inside the tank.  A little extra information about this tank and base. The tank weights 110,192 pounds empty, 6,186,505 pounds full and the concrete base has 465 yards of concrete in it. On a smaller scale that is 20,944 – 80 pound bags of cement.



Looks like things are taking shape in sunny California. Let’s fill it up!