Sulfur Additions to Corn Fertilizer Programs

Experiment Info

Planted 6/1/2011
Variety DeKalb 46-07
Population 32,000
Previous Crop corn
Plot Size 15′ x 225′
Replications 4
Sidedress 6/14/2011
Harvested 11/2/2011

Soil Test Values (ppm)

pH 7.1
CEC 16.5
%OM 4.7
Bicarb 11
K 132
S 8
%K 2.1
%Mg 20.1
%Ca 77.6
%H 0
%Na 0.2
Zn 1.4
Mn 2
B 0.6


Determine the effects of three different ACLF sulfur fertilizers on yield of corn.

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers currently offers three different sulfur fertilizer formulations: microLink 6% Sulfur, eNhance (8.9% sulfur) and accesS (17% sulfur). The microLink Sulfur was primarily designed as a sulfur source for application with planter-time fertilizers. The eNhance was developed as a UAN fertilizer additive for the purpose of enhanced N activity. The accesS is a new product that can be applied as an additive with UAN, but more as a sulfur source. This experiment was conducted to compare these fertilizers as an in-furrow planter-time application, plus accesS as both in furrow and sidedress. (accesS is not currently recommended for in-furrow applications.) This corn was planted very late due to spring rains, but it did reach black layer.

Sulfur Additions to Corn Fertilizer ProgramsConclusions:

  • Highest yield was with the eNhance in-furrow applications. Next was microLink Sulfur and then accesS. This confi rms that accesS should not be applied in-furrow, even though we did not observe stand loss.
  • accesS at any of the applications did not produce corn yield as high as that with eNhance, even though in other experiments it was as good as or better than ATS as a sulfur source.
  • eNhance has been proven as a very good in-furrow sulfur additive for corn for several years at the NCRS.
  • It was interesting to note that even though the soil sulfur level was low (8 ppm), there was no rate effect as the yields with either 1 or 2 qt/A of any of the products were similar. These results and others like it make research a challenge.