The Goodland project is moving forward

In the last post from Shaun he described what the new addition to the Goodland facility would look like and now the dream is coming true. The first thing that needed to be done was to get the product from one side of the tracks to the other. This is where the product tunnel comes in. It is a tunnel that is approximatly 4′ high by 4′ wide and allows the hoses to go under the railroad tracks. The tunnel is 160′ long.

DSCN2353The concrete is reinforced with rebar and the floor of the tunnel is poured. Now the forms for the outside of the trench are put in place and stabelized with adjustable poles so the concrete will not be able to push the forms out. Below top bars have to be put in place before the side walls are poured. This connects the top to the side walls.



 The rebar is put in place and tied together with wire. This process is very time consuming but is a nessasary part of holding the rebar in place. If you look close you can see the wires with the loops in them. This wire will be used hold the interior walls when they are put in place.


Now it is time for the interior walls to be built. The rectangler boxes that you see in the center of the picture are access holes, hose can be brought up from inside the tunnel thus allowing access between the sets of rails. The interior forms are now ready for the concrete to be put in.


Side walls are poured and the tunnel is now ready for the top. In the pictures below you can see that a top steel panel is installed under the rebar, the top is reinforced with more rebar and the outside is formed for the concrete to be poured.



Track rails will be crossing where you see the lighter spots. The tunnel is complete.